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Days to School Starting


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Superintendent and Family Visit the . . .

July 10, 2024

Superintendent Lupini and his family visited the Board of Education last night to kick off the new year.  Mr. Lupini's official start date in Newfane is August 1.  We are thrilled to welcome the en . . .

Several Employment Opportunities

July 5, 2024

There are several new job vacancies posted on the employment webpage of NCSD.    Please go to the website for more information.  Working in a school district is for people who love working with o . . .

Summer Learn to Swim Program

July 1, 2024

For more information about the Summer Learn to Swim program offered at Newfane Elementary School, interested parents should CLICK HERE. . . .

First Day of School 2024-25

June 30, 2024

The first day of school in NCSD is Tuesday, September 3, 2024. If you would like to keep track of important dates and events in the upcoming school year, click this link to view the 2024-25 Year-At-A . . .

The Science of Reading


#1 Shift in Reading Instruction

Use decodable readers, not leveled readers. Why it’s important: • Students need regular practice with grade-level text. • Texts that are connected to each day’s phonics instruction help students apply what they’ve learned. You’ll know it’s true Science of Reading if: • There are direct connections between a phonics lesson and the text. • Students receive frequent practice with sounds and spellings they’ve been taught.


#2 Shift in Reading Instruction

Provide all students with dedicated phonics instruction, not mini-lessons. Why it’s important: • Learning to read is not innate and must be taught through explicit, systematic instruction. • Effective phonics instruction requires time for teaching, application, and practice with measurable objectives. You’ll know it’s true Science of Reading if: • Every student receives phonics instruction, not just some students.


#3 Shift in Reading Instruction

Help students with phonics-based scaffolds, not three-cueing or word guessing. Why it’s important: • Learning to decode builds neural pathways that are critical to automatic reading. • Students need practice sounding out words, not guesswork. You’ll know it’s true Science of Reading if: • Students are asked to “sound it out,” not simply “does it make sense?”


#4 Shift in Reading Instruction

Teach content, not isolated comprehension strategies. Why it’s important: • Language comprehension is as important as decoding. • The more background knowledge students receive, the more prior knowledge and vocabulary they can bring to texts. You’ll know it’s true Science of Reading if: • You spend two or three weeks on focused domains covering a diverse range of literary, social studies, and science topics.


#5 Shift in Reading Instruction

Follow a clear instructional path, not a “choose your own adventure” model. Why it’s important: • It offers explicit guidance and a cohesive structure, the most beneficial—yet overlooked—element of teaching reading effectively. • It gives every student the support they need now, without waiting until intervention. You’ll know it’s true Science of Reading if: • You’re following a definitive instructional path, not a patchwork.



Mr. Randy Gammiero was selected as the new principal of Newfane Elementary School starting July 1.  Congratulations to Mrs. Danielle Hawkins, she will be the new Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Akron Central School District.  Best wishes to both!!